Easy Hair Style for Kimono Fashion

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If you are thinking about what to do with your hair style in Kimono, here is the best and easiest way to do it by yourself. There is nothing special, you may also use this hair style in your everyday life!

Here is the short  movie of self made 5 min hair style.

If you have hair accessories like below pictures, they would make you look more elegant and sophisticated even with the same hair style.

Hair Style for kimono

Simple elegant hair clip will match with every kind of Kimono style.

Kimono Hair Style


With peal hair pins, they would make you look more elegant.

Kimono, Hair Style

I use these pearl pins with this hair style when I attend wedding parties of my friends and am in Kimono, but it is more like for formal parties when you go out being in an evening dress. so if you wear Kimono for sightseeing and maybe having casual lunch/ dinner during your stay in Japan, then I would recommend to go with simple hair pins like the upper photo.


Anyway, kimono hairstyle is not much different from everyday hairstyles! Don’t waste your money on letting others do your hairstyle while you can do it yourself in 5 minutes!


Chignon Hair Style

Here is the simple chignon hair style with flower hair clip. This style is even easier than the above hair style!


Elegant Bun Style


▼Link to Kimono Snap▼


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