Want to try kimono in Kyoto?

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If you are planning to visit Japan, you may also want to plan for a kimono experience.  Of course you can buy them in Japan but rental is always the easiest way to try other country’s fancy traditional wears.

Here are some lists of kimono rental shops in popular spots in Japan.

Around Kyoto station


Easy access from Kyoto station.  You can pick up your favorite kimono out of over 500 choices and you will be get dressed by a professional dresser. Kimono rental is offered from 3,500 yen, plus 1,500 yen if you want to add hair arrangement. The whole process takes about an hour.


Make sure you check their website prior to the booking because they offer variety of campaign prices!! Online reservation is available from their website.

Online reservation:https://www.yoyaku-yumeyakata.com/reserve

Access: https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/access

1 min. walk from Kiyomizudera-temple

Okamoto, Kiyomizudera shop

If you want to visit Kiyomizudera in a kimono, then this shop would be the best one for you as it is located at just 1 minute walk away from the temple.


Okamoto has been in business  for over 180 years and they are proud of their high quality services as well as the wide variety of items. Basic rental plan starts from 3,000 yen, hair arrangement is offered from 500 yen. If you don’t want to carry around your luggages, they will keep them for you for free!

Kiyomizudera temple

Online reservation: https://www.okamoto-kimono.com/reserve/form/reserve_en.php

Access: https://www.okamoto-kimono.com/storeinfo/kiyomizuzakaEn.html

Gion, Togetsukyo Bridge Area


The biggest fiture of Wargo is the number of shops they have in Kyoto. There are three shops around Kyoto station and one of them is located at 3F of Kyoto tower which is only two minutes walk away from Kyoto station. They also have a shop in Gion area where you can enjoy the views of very traditional, beautiful houses and shops on the Main Street. Probably the best spot for walking around in a kimono.

Gion, Shirakawa Area

Another shop they have is in Arashiyama area which is also very popular spot with tourists. The shop is only 5 munites walk to the famous bridge, Togetsukyo. It would be a great moment if you cross the bridge in a kimono and enjoy the quiet and peaceful place where beautifully surrounded  by mountains.

Togetsukyo Bridge

Standard plan is offered from 3,500 yen, hair arrangement is included.

Access to the Kyoto tower shop:

Access to the Gion shop:

Access to the Arashiyama shop:

Unfortunately it seems like online reservation with English language is not available.


I will make more lists of rental kimono shops in other areas such as Tokyo and maybe Kanazawa.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Japan!


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