Want to try kimono in Tokyo?

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I heard that more and more people from overseas become directly heading to countryside rather than visiting big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Still I believe that Tokyo is a fascinating place to visit, and if you want to try Kimono Style around the city, here is the list of Kimono rental shops at the popular spots in Tokyo. Most shops help you to dress Kimono so you don’t have to worry about how to dress them.

Asakusa Area



Easy access to one of the most popular spots in Tokyo, Sensoji. 2-hours-rental-plan starts from ¥3,500 and you will be get dressed by a professional dresser. Also they offer various optional plans such as  ‘photo shooting plan’ and ‘ JINRIKISHA plan’ which you can enjoy 15-45min short trip around Asakusa Area. Another popular spot in this area, ‘Tokyo Skytree’ is also nearby.



Shop’s reservation website is available in English / Chinese and Korean along with Japanese.

Online reservation: http://birei-asakusa.tokyo/Reservation_e.html

Access: http://birei-asakusa.tokyo/access.html



Kimono Tokyo Harajyuku
1 min walk from JR Harajyuku station, the shop stands at the entrance of Takeshita-Street. Basic rental plan starts from ¥3,800. You can enjoy Hakama-Style and NINJYA- Style if you want to try them! As you may know, Takeshita street is full of people with ‘cosplay’, would be fun place for you to enjoy Kimono as cosplay!

Hakama Style


Shop’s reservation website is available in English / Chinese along with Japanese.

Online Reservation: https://urakata.in/new_reserve/en/courses/kimono_tokyo


Harajyuku is well known for shopping and fashion, but there is this beautiful shrine ‘Meiji Jingu’, one of the biggest and most popular shrine in Tokyo. The shrine is surrounded by old trees, atmosphere is so dignified and impressive, and I think you can feel Japanese spiritual culture if you walk through this place. It would be also nice to walk around this place in Kimono.

Meiji jingo

Meiji Jingu


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